When using JR Chuo line (Musashi-koganei station)


●About 5 minutes by bus from North Gate JR Chuo line「Musashi-koganei station」

Get off 「Koganei Park West Gate」 from Bus Stop2/3 (Seibu Bus) and 5 minutes’ walk
<Time schedule>
Bus Stop 2 武12 Higashi-Kurume station West Gate via Onari-bashi 武13 Kiyose station South Gate
Bus Stop 3 武21 Higashi-kurume station West Gate via Kinjo high school武15 Takiyama service office

How to go to the museum is here

Get off 「In front of Edo-Tokyo Open-Air Architectural Museum」from Bus Stop 4(Kanto Bus) and 3minutes walk.
<Time schedule>
Bus Stop 4  鷹33 Mitaka station・Musashino service office.
※Bus stop 4 (Kanto Bus)is located in front of「MEGA Don Quijote」.
※We do not have large number of buses, so please be careful.

When using Seibu Shinjuku line

西武新宿線からの行きかた地図 駅周辺のマップ

●It takes 5 minutes by bus from Seibu Shinjuku line「Hanakoganei」station.

Get the bus going to「Musashi-koganei station」from 「Minami-hanakoganei」(Seibu Bus※along Koganei highway) and get off at 「Koganei Park West Gate」 5 minutes’ walk.
<Time schedule>
武12 武13 武14 武15 武17 武21 Musashi-koganei station

How to go to the museum is here

【Guide to the bus stop】
Get out the Hanakoganei station South Gate and, toward the Tama Lake bicycle path (promenade of cherry blossoms) crossing opposite side across the bus terminal, turn right.
After 5 minutes’ walk, you get to the Koganei Highway(Boulevard)then please get the bus to 「Musashi-koganei station」(excluding 武17 system) at bus stop which you can see it on the right of Koganei highway.
Get off 「Koganei Park West Gate」(About 5 minutes).(See the left map)

When using JR CHUO LINE(Higashi-koganei station)

中央線からの行きかた地図 「たてもの園入口」周辺のマップ

●It takes 6 minutes by bus from 「Higashikoganei station 」of JR Chuo line

Get off From 「CoCo Bus(Koganei city community bus) Bus Stop」 at North Gate Northeast circulation「Tatemono Park entrance」 and 10 minutes’ walk.
<Time schedule>
North Gate Northeast circulation(PDF).

How to go to the museum is here


When using car

How to go by car


●When using a car, please use the parking area of Koganei Park

Please enter the park from 「In front of Koganei Park」signal along Itsukaichi highway. In the parking area, you can go to the park soon, if you park your car at the far end.
(Utilization charge)
Passenger car 1 hour:300 yen(100 yen every 30 minutes overpark)
Big-size car 2 hours:2,000 yen(500 yen every 30 minutes overpark)

Inquiry about parking area
Koganei Park Parking Area TEL. 042-384-2093

※During weekend and holidays, it may be crowded because of traffic around the road. We recommend mass transit system.

When using a car from far place


●How to go by car from far place

Nearest express high IC is following.

When arriving here via Joban Expressway, Tohoku Expressway, Kanetsu Expressway, Tokyo Outer Ring Route:Oizumi IC

Vis Chuo Expressway :Chohu IC

When using direct bus to Musashi-koganei station from Haneda airport

直通バスをご利用の場合の地図 中央線からの行きかた地図

Direct bus(Limousine bus)arrives at South Gate of JR Chuo line「Musashi-koganei station」. Going through free passage of station, head to North Gate. Get the bus from in front of「Seiyu」Bus Stop 2 and 3 (Seibu Bus) and get off「Koganei Park Wet Gate」5 minutes’ walk.

Between Haneda airport「International terminal」, 「First terminal」, 「Second terminal」and JR Chuo line「Musashi-koganei station」South Gate, there is a direct bus service from early morning until evening. It takes 65~140 minutes. Price is 1,440 yen for adult one way and 720yen for child one way. For the detail of time schedule and etc, please visit and check the website of Airport Transportation Service Co, Ltd.

When using a train

When you come to our museum, please use JR Chuo Line or Seibu Shinjuku Line.