Introduction at Visitor Center

History of Musashino, natural livelihood related exhibition, and other exhibition about history of town-building of Tokyo are displayed for better understanding.

Restored buildings and scenes of daily life

Here you can see buildings of great cultural value, which were constructed in Tokyo between early part of Edo period and post-World War Uperiod.
Items that show how people conducted their lives and businesses in days gone by are exhibited inside.

Architectural remains and reproduction of cityscape

This display features items related to archeology, history, and folklore as well as historical buildings investigated and collected by the former Musashino Folklore Museum.

Collection of the former Musashino Folklore Museum/Special Exhibition

Collections from the former Musashino Folklore Museum are displayed, and special exhibitions focusing on various themes such as history of Tama area and restored buildings are held occasionally.

The former Musashino Folklore Museum
The Musashino Folklore Museum was located at the site of this museum until 1991. Its theme was the history of Musashino from ancient times to the modern and contemporary periods. The valuable items taken over from the Musashino Folklore Museum are exhibited both in the exhibition rooms and outdoors.